Yoga for Kids

Yoga Kids

What is Yoga for kids?
Yoga is an ancient practice that unites (the term “Yoga” is Sanskrit for unity), balances and harmonizes the body with the breath and the mind, through conscious breathing (pranayama) and a sequence of moves (vinyasa) and body postures (asanas).

The practice of yoga brings mental and physical wellness and what makes it even more unique is the fact that it can be practiced my all individuals, of all ages and all abilities.

Yoga is especially beneficial for kids, as it provides them the opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills, as well as emotional, communicational and social abilities in a non competitive environment.


The benefits of Yoga for children:
· Improves concentration
· Boosts confidence
· Teaches body awareness
· Develops language, communication and social skills
· Teaches techniques for stress management
· Promotes physical flexibility and strength
· Balances emotions
· Enhances imagination and creativity
· Teaches discipline and responsibility


How to explain Yoga to children:
Yoga can be explained in a way that is easy for a child to comprehend. According to Christina Matsi (Flower Kids Yoga), the teacher can describe Yoga as “movements that we do with our bodies as we pretend to be animals, or other things in nature and the world around us. We learn how to breathe correctly, we play games and in the end we learn how to relax and concentrate.”


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