Prana Vinyasa Flow

Prana Vinyasa Flow

“Breathe how you want to live. The flow of every prana vinyasa brings regeneration, strength, fluidity and inner meditation to the flow of life” – Shiva Rea

What it is:
Prana Vinyasa Flow is an evolutionary style of Yoga created by Shiva Rea. It includes mudras (movements of hands and fingers), bandhas (energy locks in the body), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and asanas (yoga poses).

Prana = breath, the source of vitality as it flows through our body
Vinyasa = sequence, evolution.
Yoga = connect, the state of complete consciousness.

Prana Vinyasa Flow is a whole body-mind-spirit experience: it is through the conscious movement of the body while experiencing the breath and shifting the flow of energy within the body that one is connected to his/her Sva Dharma, the inherent purpose in life.

Each Prana Flow practice is based on one of the elements of Nature: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space. The uniqueness of an element defines the quality of our movement, the way we breathe and the way we evolve through every asana. This balances and heals qualities within our personal nature, our character and way of thinking, as well.

What makes Prana Vinyasa Flow so special is the therapeutic effect it has on body and mind. Our bodies gradually collect and store tension that we are not aware of and this usually manifests itself through physical pain and injuries, as well as psychosomatic symptoms. On the other hand, our thinking patterns may not serve our purpose as they often occur automatically in our head.

All these take place in a fast and demanding everyday life, where there is no time for us to comprehend, feel and assimilate our experiences.

During the Prana Flow class, time slows down, while thoughts dissolve. The body becomes flexible and the mind acquires new thinking patterns. Whether you choose a dynamic Prana Flow class or a relaxing one, you will definitely feel the changes in your physical, mental and spiritual body.

A “Solar Wave” is dynamic and it increases the flow of energy within the body. It is highly motivating and is usually offered in the morning or during the day. A “Lunar Wave” is offered in the evening and it is soothing and relaxing, as we shift our focus within. This practice is ideal for beginners.

At which ever point of your life or day you are, listen to your body and its needs, move in harmony, with respect and kindness, as you experience Prana Vinyasa Flow

Don’t do Yoga. Be yoga