Ever since she was young, Angela Karantoni knew she loved offering and helping others. With a Bachelor in Speech and Language Therapy and a Master’s degree in Language & Communication Impairment in Children, her first Yoga experience was in 2010. She loved it immediately because it felt so good… and also, she wanted to learn how to do all the fancy tricks! So she kept on going to Yoga, even though she would sweat alot, even though it was difficult and at times, painful. She tried different styles of Yoga with various teachers.

The turning point was in 2014, when she met Konstantina Maridaki with whom she tried Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa Flow. That’s when she learned that Yoga is not about feeling pain or making effort in order to accomplish anything…it’s about experiencing Yoga with full consciousness, feeling it in the very essence of yourself.

Many things changed ever since for Angela, as she moved daily through her Prana Vinyasa classes offered by her teacher. She learned to connect her breath to her body, to her mind. Her thirst for further evolution lead her to the 200 Hour Affiliate Prana Vinyasa® Teacher Training. Her vision was to teach others how to move, breathe and feel consciously.

Apart from the 200 hr training, she also attended the “25 hr Elemental Vinyasa ~ Embodying the Power of Nature & Mandala of Asanas Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training” with Shiva Rea in Delphi. In 2017 she was trained in “Yoga for Children with Autism and Special Needs” 25h with Shawnee Thornton Hardy. This gave her the opportunity to combine the two things she loves most: Yoga and helping children in need. In March 2018 she earned her 25 hr “Flower Kids Yoga Teacher Training” with Christina Matsi.

She now offers Prana Flow to adults, gives Yoga classes to kids and offers Yoga to children with Autism. She also works as a Speech and Language Therapist. In her spare time she loves dancing Lindy Hop, planning her next trip and day-dreaming.

Her intention as a teacher is to offer her students the way to build their own pathway back to themselves.